Fate of Quartz

About 12% of the  earth’s crust is Silica and a further 45% contains Silica in the form of Silicates.

What can I do for the Environment?

Realization that the Environment is important to us all has been, and still is, increasing over the last few years.


By composting home organic waste, about 25%-30% less garbage is saved from landfills.

Food Waste

Food waste is the biggest single environmental and social problem the world is facing.


It’s not for you to receive inspiration. It’s for you to seize inspiration.

Beer Making

One of my hobbies is home beer making. Its great fun and has three enjoyable aspects 1) Brewing it 2) Drinking it 3) Giving it away to friends.  Free beer-instant popularity! Here is a short film about how to do it.

Inorganic Communication

Although we associate Communication with the organic world, inorganic matter also communicates one to the other. We describe this communication  by “The Physical Laws of the Universe”, which are formulated in mathematical form.


Although I have spent most of my professional life as a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, my main research interest has been bone healing. Treatment of fractures over the last 70 years have, in my opinion been sub minimal duethe “misuse” of the biological sequence of…