Mystic Silica

Whilst being exquisitely beautiful and full of physical and chemical interest, I do not believe inanimate stones have any magical, spiritual or healing powers. Nevertheless, many people from all over the world do hold such views and thus a page on “mystic Silica” must…


Perhaps the best known form of silica is glass. When molten silica cools rapidly, it doesn’t have time to align into a well organized structure (crystals) and stays in a higgledy-piggledy disorganized (albeit extremely viscous) liquid. This may occur in nature via  several mechanisms.

Food Waste

Food waste is the biggest single environmental and social problem the world is facing.


Although I have spent most of my professional life as a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, my main research interest has been bone healing. Treatment of fractures over the last 70 years have, in my opinion been sub minimal duethe “misuse” of the biological sequence of…